Whether you are a home user or local business we can provide bespoke services from computer repairs to offsite data backups.

Local repairs

When problems arise and your computer breaks down its nice to know there’s a local company that can help.  We repair almost any issue such virus removal, screen replacement, windows installs and more.

Business support

As a business we understand how important it is to stay operational. That is why we offer support to local businesses to make sure you have little to no downtime.

Data backup

If you are a business then losing data can be a stressful and costly problem. We offer a chance for you to backup your data on a daily basis to our secure servers in the event that something goes missing.

Laptop and desktop repairs

We offer local IT support to fix many different problems related to laptops and desktops whether you are a home user or business. We will diagnose and fix problems as fast as possible. If you have a problem please dont hesitate to phone us on 01278 784790.

  • Laptop screen replacements

  • Windows re-installations

  • Computer health checks

  • Fix windows software (XP - 10)

  • Fix windows software (XP - 10)

  • Laptop keyboard replacements

  • Overheating

Business support

As a local business we understand that making your company run smoothly is something to aim for, however, when a computer slows this process it can be frustrating and costly. If you do not have time to keep ontop of your business I.T. then let us take some of the strain.

Joining our contract program means you benefit from certain perks such as no charge for labour if the PC needs to be brought back to our offices, monitored daily back ups of your data to keep it safe on a secured server, free on site call outs and remote access.

Data backup

Do you consider data for your business vital? Do you regularly backup your data?

Losing data can cost the business time and money as well as all the frustration that goes a long with trying to fix the problem. With DC backup we will save your data daily as well as monitor the progress with error alerts to keep you informed and up to date so you can see what is happening. If you have lost or accidently deleted a file or folder we can retrieve this from the backup saving you any downtime that comes with this particular issue.

If you need anymore assistance with any of our services please feel free to call us on 01278 784790 or email us here.